Friday, February 24, 2012


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Today I had the privilege of attending the screening of A Man's Story, a film about the life of top British menswear designer Ozwald Boateng.  The movie chronicles the life of the London born bespoke tailor over twelve years and shows the high and low points of Ozwald's extensive career.  The film begins at the end of his first marriage with the despondent designer nearly bankrupt.  After a fashion show goes horribly wrong, an entire collection is stolen from Ozwald's studio and it seems that he is at his lowest point.

But things quickly turned around for the 6'4" father of three with several successful collections and a stint as creative director of Givenchy Menswear.  He was also awarded the Order of the British Empire by the Queen of England and has dressed some of Hollywood's and Britain's elite- including Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Sir Richard Branson and Gavin Rossdale.

What I liked most about the film was the personal aspect.  On screen we see private moments of Oswald, who at the age of 28 was the youngest and first black tailor to be on the famed Savile Row, spending time with his two young children or getting hype backstage before a big runway show.  There is a certain energy that he has that draws the audience in throughout the movie.  If you are a fan of fashion or just want to see a bunch of good looking male models, this is a must see.

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