Thursday, September 22, 2011


It seems every other day there is another restaurant opening up in New York and last night was no exception.  I attended the soft opening for Spanish tapas restaurant Ventanas located in the Meatpacking District near the High Line.  The name is a little misleading, Ventanas is Spanish for windows, however the space had a Moroccan decor.  The banquette was decorated in colorful pillows and multicolored lamps hung from the ceiling.  Candlelight added to the ambiance as well.

Servers dressed in brightly patterned ankle length aprons served shrimp ceviche, roasted potatoes with chipotle dipping sauce, assorted meats (including salami, chorizo and prosciutto) and various cheeses, and shrimp in garlic sauce.  One partygoer remarked that the shrimp was, "so refreshing" while another declared the food was "A taste of summer in the beginning of fall." Needless to say, the tapas were well received.  I just wished there were more.

Live music at Ventanas

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