Sunday, May 1, 2011


The panel (l to r) Jill Fehrenbacher, Summer Rayne Oakes, Kate Sekules, Clodagh, Eviana Hartman and Anne Keane
When most people think of saving the environment they consider recycling household items, conserving energy, and saving trees.  But where does fashion fit into this?  I recently went to a panel discussion on "Why Eco Fashion Matters" presented by eco fashion website and sustainable apparel label hessnatur.  The panel featured Jill Fehrenbacher, founder of, Kate Sekules, founder of, Summer Rayne Oakes, activist and ecomodel, Anne Keane, fashion market director at Lucky magazine, Eviana Hartman, fashion designer for Bodkin and hessnatur by Eviana Hartman and Clodagh, fashion designer for Clodagh design and hessnatur by Clodagh.

Some of the topics discussed were the importance of eco fashion and how to incorporate green into your wardrobe.  For the latter Keane suggested visiting this website for eco friendly fashion while Clodagh advised to read the labels of the garments and to know where your clothes are coming from.  

Clodagh stressed that eco fashion can be sexy.  Just because a garment is eco friendly doesn't mean it has to be shapeless and unflattering and made out of itchy and uncomfortable material.  "They're not just granola clothes," said Sekules.

The panel discussion definitely put a fresh spin on eco fashion.  I may have to include some sustainable apparel into my wardrobe for Spring.  Will you? 

Looks from eco fashion label hessnatur

Eviana Hartman (left) in dress by hessnatur
The crowd of eco friendly fashionistas

More looks from hessnatur


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