Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hermès Birkin Bag

A recent visit to the Hermès Leather Forever exhibit at London's Burlington Gardens turned out to be a rewarding experience as I got an up close and personal look at the brand behind the iconic Kelly and Birkin bags that have graced the very stylish arms of celebs from Victoria Beckham (rumored to own 100 bags worth £1.5 million) to Kim Kardashian to Lady Gaga.  Fans of Hermès whose bank accounts don't include that many zeros were treated to a rare glimpse inside the coveted label with a series of rooms dedicated to the luxury brand.
First up was a collection of skins in everything from buffalo to lizard, croc and calfskins in shades ranging from marmalade to aubergine.  This was the closest I have ever been to even touching an Hermès bag so I was definitely all over that.  Next we got to see an actual bag being crafted.  All of the purses are handmade and can take up to twenty hours to complete which accounts for the hefty price tag.  

Passe Guides bags dedicated to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales (clockwise from top left)

A retrospective of items dating back to the 1800s followed as well as a display of other leather goods made by the famous fashion label including some unexpected items such as a wheelbarrow, violin case, and drum bag.  Closing out the exhibit were four one-of-a-kind Passe-Guide bags dedicated to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales that were specially made for the Leather Forever exhibition and are being auctioned off at Christies.  Happy bidding!  

photos courtesy of google images

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