Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Last night I went to the opening of the Covert Shoe Lab at Limelight Marketplace in Chelsea.  Described as a "footwear boutique offering styles for all walks of life", the shop did offer a variety of merchandise.  Where else can you find a pair of hot pink Doc Martens and a Terry Kennedy Supra skate shoe under the same roof?  With prices ranging from around $59 for a pair of Keds to $275 for some Chukka boots your wallet won't suffer too much.

The design was somewhat distinct, there was a wall of shoes, each one situated inside a cubby hole with backlighting that gave the room a space age ambiance.  But the store was cramped with one bench to try on and not more than 15 people could fit inside comfortably.

While at the event I ran into this stylish attendee rocking a mean shoe with gold studded cuffs around the ankle.  Her name is Karen Ko and she is a jewelry designer whose pieces have turned up on the runways at Richie Rich and Indashio and on the pages of Upscale magazine.  Turns out she designed the cuffs she wore on her wrists and ankles.  Talk about ingenuity.  Who knew that adding the right ankle accessory to an otherwise ordinary heel could turn it into something extraordinary?      


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