Wednesday, February 9, 2011


To celebrate the launch of their new flavor Wild Tea, our friends over at Absolut Vodka threw a bash at Hiro Ballroom. The Asian-themed party featured high-flying acrobatic dancers, fire eaters, and of course the drinks were flowing non-stop. Party-goers sipped on special cocktails like the Wild Tea Gimlet with a mix of lime juice and simple syrup, and the Absolut Secret Citrus which blended Wild Tea with lemon-lime soda while they jammed to the tunes of DJ Becka Diamond.

My drink choice of the night was the Absolut Ginger Tea, consisting of ginger ale, wild tea, and lime. I thought the flavors of the soda and lime combined with the taste of black tea and elderflower found in the Wild Tea vodka went together nicely. But the drinks were very strong so if you are a light drinker like me, make sure to go easy on the liquor.

photo courtesy of Absolut

photo courtesy of Absolut


Anonymous said...

When did you become a light weight? -pat-

Style in the City said...

In my old age! lol