Friday, April 27, 2012


Lulu Guinness fans flocked to Uniqlo last night to celebrate the launch of her new range for the high street store.  The iconic designer whose handbags have graced the shoulders of Katy Perry, Sienna Miller, and a host of other celebs, was on hand to greet customers who purchased pieces from her collection.  

Priced at an affordable £14.90, the whimsical line of tee shirts featured some of Guinness’s signature prints like her ubiquitous red lips and the Cameo and Doll Face patterns as well as fun slogans like ‘Let’s Go Shopping’ and ‘Put on Your Pearls Girls’.

"I wanted the Uniqlo UT collaboration to follow my mainline handbag collection as much as possible, so that it truly represents the Lulu Guinness brand," she told Vogue.

To mark the occasion guests were treated to a makeshift candy shoppe where they could help themselves to red-lipped gummy candies and white chocolate mice amongst other sugary treats.  Cocktails were also served throughout the night including the “Boudoir Martini” which looked just as good as it tasted.  Pampering came in the form of free manicures by Butter London and elegant updos courtesy of Windle & Moodie.  

The Boudoir Martini

Updo courtesy of Windle & Moodie salon

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