Sunday, July 31, 2011


It's hard to imagine a dress made entirely out of coke cans or a teddy bear skirt but in the premiere issue of Virgine Magazine these images have become reality.  In the editorial spread entitled All You Can Get, Photographer Ryan Yoon makes household items and various other objects fashionable by turning them into wearable works of art.  Of course this has been done before (check out these pics of garments made out of other unorthodox objects) but never in such a glamorous and arty way.

"The spread took five months, numerous collaborators and endless planning,"  Yoon states in the magazine.  "We dreamed big and we made it happen... No fear."  And apparently no boundaries as a topless model stands atop a mountain of stuffed animals while another bikini clad woman is surrounded by dogs in an A line silhouette.  My favorite image, however, is the "dress" made of M&Ms  I love how the waist is accentuated while the bottom falls into a full and flowy skirt.  Would you wear this?

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